Why you will come to love standing desks

While sitting on your desk while working is more comfortable and less tiring, the aftermath is heartbreaking. Standing desks are the newest furniture that appreciate your health and wellbeing. Below are benefits of
standing desks that come from deskview.co:

1. Reduction of disc damage and lower back pain

Certain sitting postures exerts uneven pressure on your spinal discs and tailbone. Tendons and ligaments become hardened by disc collagen drawing you closer to a disease called hernia of the lumbar discs. Standing desks allow for even distribution of body weight leaving you with healthy disks always. Individuals with back pain have their condition aggravated by sitting. Standing is a relief from lower back pain.

2. Boosts productivity

Standers are more active than sitters. Standing cuts off laziness and increases blood flow and oxygen supply in your body increasing energy levels. This translates to earlier completion of tasks and assignment.

3. Reduces cholesterol levels

Heart health is vital to avoid instant shut downs. Standing vis a vis sitting requires lots of energy. Your body responds by burning down lazy fats’ that was likely to find its way to your heart area to produce energy. Cholesterol levels are put in check in this manner.

4. Cancer risk is greatly lowered

Research has proven sitting increases the risk of contracting cancer of the breast, colon, endometrium and prostate cancer. Sitting increases insulin production that encourages growth of cells that cause cancer. Moving regularly, standing and shifting postures boosts production of antioxidants that destroy damaging cells likely to cause these types of cancer.

5. Prevents urinary complications

Tucker’s disease or prostatitis occurs especially after long hours of sitting. Urine leakages are a common
problem and can be countered by using standing desks. Standing strengthens your Kegel and urinary
muscles. Holding a little bit and releasing the muscles makes them firm and in check.

6. Quickens digestion

Sitting positions compresses your digestive system and makes the digestion process slower. Breakdown of meals requires energy so that food absorption is effectively done. Standing gives ample space to your stomach area and prevents irritations from cramps, bloating, heartburn and minor issues related to digestion. Study has it that intestinal disorders like celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel are related to prolonged sitting.

7. Prevents obesity

Weight gain can be as a result of longer sessions of siting. Your body needs a lot of energy to keep you on your feet. Energy needed is as a result of emulsification of unnecessary fats and oils in your body. Burning more calories. This reduces chances of plumping and puts you in shape. Weight loss are amongst the benefits of standing desks.

8. Lowers blood sugar levels

If you eat while sitting and continue sitting after eating, you are posing risk to your health. Type 2 diabetes patients are adversely affected. Standing lowers your blood sugar levels. If your health doesn’t allow you to
stand long hours, alternate standing and sitting.

9. Counters premature death and increases life expectancy

An analysis conducted in 2015 concludes that sitting longer hours daily results in an unhealthy lifestyle. This makes you lazy and a frown to exercises. Reducing your sitting durations makes your body active and
prevents risks of heart attacks. If your heart beats longer then you live longer. Stand and stay healthy longer!