Why it’s bad not to update your address


Even with the prolific break-through in technology, some human activities have to be done manually. Work and duty calls in the recent world have caused people to shift residences. Sometimes they just have to move to an entirely different continent. Addresses have been known to be personal assets to most people. It’s through them that they can receive bills and letters among other services. Most of the time changes of home addresses are advantageous while other times inconvenient. In this article nonetheless, we shall discuss the problems you will face when changing home addresses without the use of services like https://www.change-of-address-online.com/addresschange/changeofaddress/.


Many people have been known to retain their addresses for a long time. These addresses are thereby connected to most of the services they receive. Banks and insurance companies are among the leading firms that utilize home addresses. This means that anytime you think of changing your address, you’ll be forced to call all these firms. This will be to notify them of the changes you’ve made. This process will take a substantial amount of your resources especially if it’s sudden.

Time Wasting

Every change comes with a process. In change of addresses, the process is overwhelmingly long. It doesn’t only involve notifying the post office but takes a lot more. In the case where you are shifting to another country, you have to inform other companies like USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) in USA. This could be through their online services or through mail delivery of form AR-11. In addition, every pending application or petition has to be updated too. This means that a great deal of time will be needed to make all these changes. This molehill becomes a mountain when you skip a single step in the procedure. The whole address changing process backfires and you are back to square one.


In USA for instance, permanent change of address tells USPS (United States Postal Service) to reroute your mails permanently. At this stage NCOA (National Change of Address Database) comes in handy. It receives your address change and notifies companies you are involved with. NCOA then retains your data for about four years in case you decide to take back your initial address. The problem is that within the four years, you mails will be forwarded to your new location even if you relocate back to your initial address. This only stops when the duration expires. In the long run, it’ll prove inconvenient and hectic.


Address changes could also cause hick-ups and misunderstandings to delivery of services. It’s always problematic before you get this over with. Failure of this whole process being real time makes things more chaotic. Companies will only receive the information when you tell them. This implies that as long as they don’t have the heads-up about the changes, all mails will be sent as usual. Take an instance of you having already relocated urgently and a company sends bills just before you informed them. The mail has to be recalled. This will amount to lateness especially if it’d already left the post office. That delay will make you miss deadlines.


Even with the change of home addresses being inevitable sometimes, it better to retain initial addresses. Let this change be your last choice for convenience and efficiency. The above are but a hunch of challenges you will face when changing your home addresses. Pay attention to detail before making your next move.