What to Do When Your Child Loses His or Her Social Security Card

Sometimes we can never be too careful, which is why we find ourselves losing some of the most important items. Children are no exception, they can have important documents or cards stolen or lost. So, what do you do when your child has lost his or her social security card? Learn from the experts at application-filing-service.com/socialsecuritycard/form-ss-5/.

The process is simple and within 10 to 14 working days, you can have it back. All you have to do is fill an application with all the necessary details and the correct documentation. This is the only way to get a replacement.

1. Give Proof of the Child’s Identity

You must provide proof of the child’s identity through a document, which should not be the birth certificate as it isn’t considered as a document proving identity. Some of the recommended documents to use here include a US passport, a US drivers license, or a state identification card. You can use one to prove your child’s identity.

However, under certain circumstances, your child may not have either of the three documents. In such a case, you can use a hospital, religious, school or daycare records, a photograph, an adoption decree or even a doctor provided they all have the legal names of the child, and all the other identifying information including the date of birth, age, and the names of the parents.

If the child’s citizenship has or had not been established with the Social Security, you will be required to provide a document that tells of the little one’s age and the US citizenship. A US birth certificate or a hospital record, a passport or a religious record obtained before the child attained five years of age can be used to prove the child’s age.

Similarly, a US consular birth report, a passport, a birth certificate, citizenship certificate, and a certificate of naturalization can be used to prove the child’s citizenship. It is worth noting that if you have or had already provided them to Social Security, they will not be necessary.

2. Prove Your Identity

It is also a requirement for you as a parent to prove that you really are the father or the mother of the child. You are required to produce an original identification document that conspicuously captures your name, the necessary identifying information, and a photograph. You can either use a US passport, a US drivers license or a state-issued nondriver’s ID card.

3. Print the Application

Armed with all the above-mentioned details and documents, you can now navigate to the official Social Security website, www.socialsecurity.gov. The platform will allow you to print the appropriate application form necessary for the replacement. Ensure that you review and complete the required documents first to avoid mistakes. Also, all the documents must be up to date and not expired. They should not be photocopies but the original documents.

4. Send the Dully Filled Formed

After filling all the necessary information, you can either mail the form or take them personally to your local Social Security office. If there is a Social Security Card Center near you, you can also mail them the application or bring it to them.

After all the details have been confirmed, you will be mailed the card with the same number as the previous Social security card.

Currently, a person can replace the cards three times only in a year, and ten times in his or her entire life. Exceptions, however, are made if you can provide evidence that the card is mandatory to bay a substantial hardship. Meanwhile, it is recommended that the child’s Social Security card is kept in a safe place. It shouldn’t be carried about unless it is absolutely necessary.