The Top 5 Most Popular Types of Liquor

Alcohol consumption has been a trend since medieval times. As generations pass, more and more types and brands of liquor are introduced. Liquor has this popular misconception that it brings no benefits to the body. On the contrary, it does when taken moderately. However, most people who drink alcohol usually do because it is the tradition in almost any celebratory event. Regardless of why people drink alcohol, here are the top 5 most popular types of liquor bought from the Liquor Store Fort Collins.

Absolut (Vodka)

Mainly produced in southern Sweden, Absolut is owned by French Group called Pernod Ricard. Most bars around the world consider this as a must have to provide a good all around taste. It comes in unique flavors that most other vodkas do not have. It can even make a great cocktail when needed. The aftertaste is actually quite smooth although it stings even when chilled and clear. People suggest to mix it with soda or orange or cranberry juice. In the US, they have sold 4.7 million cases owning 2.3% of the market share in 2015.

Jack Daniel’s (Whiskey)

When it comes to whiskey alone, Jack Daniel’s tops the list. It is a Tennessee whiskey as it has always been produced from the place. People would not need to mix it with anything as they can sip it from a glass and will taste just fine. Although some think it works better with cola, others think that it ruins the whiskey. First timers will have a hard time liking this as it may take a while to get used to. Even if you drink more than usual, it is less likely for you to get hangovers the next day. It’s the perfect for any occasion even when alone.

Captain Morgan (Rum)

Whenever spiced rum comes into mind, the first thought would more often than not be Captain Morgan’s rum. Unknown to most, the rum was named after Carribean Sir Henry Morgan from the 17th century as a sort of tribute. Unlike the Jack Daniel’s whiskey, some thought this was easier to like and suggest for first-timers. In the mouth, drinkers could taste a lot of flavors that does not exactly taste that great, but some prefer the vanilla aftertaste. Swallowing it is easy as the burn is tolerable. Some bars love to mix this rum with cola or fruit juice.

Bacardi (Rum)

Possibly the best run even better than Captain Morgan is Bacardi. It is arguably the most mixable drink with many reviews mentioning and suggesting different mixes. What is great about it is how one might not be able to taste it when mixed well with the right drinks. It easily tops the list for rum lovers because of how affordable it is on the market. In the US, they have sold over 9.5 million cases back in 2015. That is only 300,000 short from the most popular liquor.

Smirnoff (Vodka)

Straight from where most vodkas come from, Russia. Smirnoff is the most popular worldwide being known to over 130 countries. Arguably the cheapest vodka in the market for its kind of quality, it is no wonder why people frequently buy Smirnoff. Smirnoff’s vodkas come in different flavors like their Green Apple, Orange, Cranberry, and much more. Getting the original one does not have much of taste which is great as it can also be mixed with almost any flavor people want.