Stress on Moving Day

Moving day can be such a stressful time for the whole family, don’t add to that stress by forgetting to do simple task before you leave. First, remember to transfer over the mail to your new address. If you don’t do this and also precautions from you’ll be scratching your head at your new home wondering why the mailman from  always drives pass the mailbox. Transferring over the mail to your new residence is easy to forget due to the fact that its so low on the priority list.

Also when it comes to packing your valuables make sure to separate the important items from the non-essentials. If at all possible try to give away what you don’t need, better yet have a garage sale and make a little gas money for the trip. On top of that make sure the packing boxes being used are secure at the top and the bottom. Nothing is worse than leaving the grocery store and having all your food fall through the bag because the items in the bag are to heavy. Now imagine the same thing happening with your best china, next thing you shattered glass everywhere. Labeling can also be an issue on moving day. Putting the wrong label on a box can be costly. If there’s a box marked stuffed animals with jewelry inside of it the movers my take this as an opportunity to pawn off the expensive personal items. Had it been labeled correctly it would have traveled to the new home in the family car. Sometimes when packing people are in such disarray they forget to do the little things.

Next on the list is cleanup. This is just a common courtesy to the new tenants and or the landlord. Mow the lawn, empty the trash, clean out the gutters etc. What would be worse than moving into a new house only to find out the previous occupants left all theirjunk for you to clean up. This would make anyone highly upset, so please clean up after yourself and leave the house better than you left.

Following clean up next on the list is planning ahead. One of the most irresponsible things a person could do while preparing to move is procrastinate. The chances of having a stress free moving day is zero if you wait until the day of to start packing, cleaning, and calling movers. So know everything is rushed, you hire an unreliable moving company that damages some of your valuables and know you’re mad but you have no one to blame but yourself. Something is almost guaranteed to go wrong. I know some people will say that’s common sense but not everyone has common sense.

Last but not least is checking to see if anything has been left behind. Double and triple check every room to confirm that the house is clear. Everything is packed and ready to go know you can relax and enjoy the ride. Eight hours into the drive you realize Lassie’s being awful quiet.