Importance of having a high-risk payment processor for your e-commerce

When you start an e-commerce business, you need to keep in mind that it will accept financial transactions through the internet. Nothing happens face to face, according to the physical market, and you do not feel the money in your hand or see the customer’s credit card passing on your machine and the payment being approved.
Before you begin accepting payments online, the first step you must take is opening a merchant account. You can open your Merchant account at This type of account is basically separated into two series: high risk and low risk. The low-risk ones are the accounts directed to merchants that manage this type of business, those who carry out activities that do not handle with a huge amount of money and transactions, do not presenting high risk for their finances, and, consequently, for the financial institution in question. Most banks see this type of business with good eyes and do not hesitate to offer their services.
On the other hand, we have the high-risk businesses, and we know there are several online merchants that fall into this type of operation. Companies that carry out high risk activities are linked to the possibility of high transactions, which raises processing rates. In this way, most providers refuse to process financial transactions for high-risk merchants, limiting the service options available to these group.
For this reason, it is extremely important to find a good high-risk payment processor if you are a high-risk merchant. This is critical to boost your business and manage your online business. To do this, one of the best strategies available is to establish ongoing contact with your payment processor in order to have a good monitoring of suspicious transactions, counter risk reimbursements and identify possible threats to your e-commerce.
It is also imperative that your payment processor has up-to-date and powerful tools against these threats. Quality payment processor have gateways specifically targeted to this kind of business and additionally offer a number of benefits attached to the service to contribute to the well-being of your e-commerce in the short and long term.
To link to a payment processor, a high-risk business must undergo a series of certification and compliance processes before its technology be able to interact with the processor company platform.
Generally, when a company gets a merchant account, the service provider (bank) will specify which Payment Processor is going to be the responsible for the funds management and their settlement in the bank account. That way, you often do not have to despair of finding a payment processor alone, the bank itself will assign you one.
With regard to transaction security, this is a very relevant topic and one that needs to be taken seriously. The payment processor must have high technology to deal with any malicious attacks, threats of any kind, and to combat any form of suspicious transaction, such as a fake or stolen credit card.
To provide the necessary security, in addition to anti-fraud tools the system must have a gateway specific to high risk companies. The best approach to finding the best payment gateway is estimating how many transactions you may have in a month to get a better sense of the costs, and then choose the provider who supports existing e-commerce and software solutions of the shopping cart. You can further restrict the list of potential operators after investigating who has registration as a vendor validated by POI-Compliance standards.
Also, beware of payment processors that promise to perform several services for your high-risk business for a low price. Services like this require a little investment to be carried out with the expected quality and guaranteed security.