How to pick the right bike lights for mountain biking

Mountain biking can be exhilarating. However, if necessary steps are not taken, it can be dangerous. While riding on a mountain, the rider’s foremost concern is to maintain a clear vision, especially in the dark. Due to completely different platform, preferences for lighting are different for mountain bikers than that of commuter bikers. Following are the features that one must consider before deciding which set of lights to purchase from


First things first. Before we dive into detailed specifications, the most important thing to check is whether the light and battery fit perfectly on your bike (or helmet). If not, you may simply look for another set. No rider would appreciate her bike’s light jiggling with every bump that comes. Select the piece that sits perfectly on your handlebars and your seat post (rear lights)


There are two colors to choose from. White LED is meant to be attached at the front side to help you see the road clearly. On the other hand, Red light informs other riders about your presence on the track. Usually, it is installed on the rear side. However, it is your bike. You may attach as many lights as you please.

Battery Life

Calculate the average time that your rides take. You need a battery that runs at least this long. Additionally, keep extra batteries in case of any emergency. Another feature to consider here is battery indicator. A bar that keeps displaying the remaining battery life is preferred over the one
that only warns you 2 minutes before the battery is going to be completely empty.


“Lumen Rating” is what you are looking for here. It is a measure of the brightness of the light. However, do not just rely on this “number”.
There are several factors other than Lumen Rating that determine the intensity of brightness. Including but not limited to lens and bulb structure. Few lights allow you to switch between ‘narrow’ and ‘wider’ beam. This enables you to have a clear vision of a smaller area at a greater distance, and a clear peripheral vision respectively.



As mentioned in the beginning, lack of precaution can prove to be very much dangerous. Therefore, choosing a set of reliable lights is significant.
You do not want yourself stuck in the middle of a natural territory only on the reliance of moon. The good news is that majority of the lights available today are much reliable. In case of some unwanted circumstances, it is very convenient to reach out to established companies and get your problem fixed.

Now that you are equipped with all the required information, it should not be difficult for you to choose a perfect set of lights to brighten your way. Plus you can also help your peers if they ever ask you How to pick the right bike lights for mountain biking?

It is never exciting to quit mountain biking just because of lack of lighting. There are various sets of lights to choose from to lighten up your ride. So do not wait and go riding.