How Are Chargebacks Undermining Your Business’ Growth?

Defining Chargebacks

Chargebacks normally happen if a customer of yours has an issue with a charge made on their credit card, after the client himself purchased a product from your company. As a result, this client can decide to dispute this transaction and address their card back issuer for further help.

In the world of business,a secure communication is necessary in order for things to run smoothly. This is why chargebacks are more problematic than initially believed with merchant services at

Now, let’s look at the downfall of experiencing a chargeback issue.

Reasons Why Chargebacks Happen

Although there may be various reasons why chargebacks happen in the first place, the most common ones include a possible money fraud or scam. Sometimes, the issue can be a simple dispute over the charge itself.

Other factors which can impact chargebacks include bank card authentication problems or transaction issues.

Clients who ask for chargebacks usually haven’t received their product in time, or are simply displeased with their final product. The chargeback appeal can be ongoing until the seller decides to fix the issue.

In terms of business, handling a problem of this sort is more than important.

The Downsides to Chargebacks

Oftentimes, you will come across a client, who despite having received their product, will still try to file a chargeback appeal and want his or her money back. This is otherwise known as a friendly fraud and can truly impact the stability of your business. These friendly frauds are more common nowadays, which certainly asks for better business management.

How Does Your Business Suffer from Chargebacks?

Whether it is a one-time thing or a persistent issue, chargebacks are not favorable for your business’ reputation, quality,and efficiency.

A chargeback can trigger further inspection into your funds, and cause issues with future transactions.

Simply put, if you have faced chargeback issue already, other clients will feel compelled to ask for more safety measures before buying a product from you. Plus, experiencing a chargeback issue means that you will not only be obligated to return the money to your buyer, but also pay a certain fee to close the dispute.

This could further affect your overall business ratings and popularity, and negative client reviews could affect the business’ success as

Think of it this way – in a world where your business should offer quality, speed,and proficiency, yours will not, due to these chargeback issues. This means your business will be labeled as risky, which will further affect your overall selling strategy.

How can you protect yourself from chargebacks?

Here are some guidelines to help you avoid chargebacks and allow you to grow your business adequately:

–  Make sure you offer transparency and clear information to each client

–  Track your products and their whereabouts

–  Always offer excellent customer support and

–  Keep a screenshot history of your tracked products to enable a successful process

–  Monitor your products and keep an eye on other
details such as transaction date, time, amount, client information and more

–  In case of a problematic operation, file a complaint with the respective authorities

–  If a chargeback issue with a particular client happens again over a period of three months, it could indicate a friendly fraud

Allow your business to grow, prosper and run smoothly, and practice these tips to avoid chargebacks for good.