Going to an Addiction Treatment Center

Are you suffering from Marijuana substance abuse? Do you need help with it? Take your time to visit an addiction treatment center with residential treatment options, preferably with vivitrol. Marijuana is a commonly abused drug in America. Also known as weed or pot, the drug is a dry mixture of cannabis sativa (hemp plant), and it is usually taken via hand-rolled cigarettes.

Marijuana substance abuse may have effects on people’s relationships, work life or family.

Here are some symptoms of chronic addiction to marijuana:

  • Lack of coordination and concentration
  • Constant forgetfulness in conversations
  • Sweets craving
  • Loud and rapid talking
  • White eye inflammation
  • Burnt-like odor on clothing or breath
  • Once these are noticed in an individual, it is time to look for a good treatment for marijuana addiction.
  • Although before taking this step, ensure that you are a qualified patient for chronic addiction to marijuana


and here’s what makes you qualified (one or more of these):

  • Often take marijuana in large amounts for a long period.
  • Continuous use of marijuana even though you are beginning to suffer from its effects already.
  • Frequent urges to use marijuana or trouble curbing it.
  • Problems when withdrawal is initiated for several days.

Effects of Marijuana Substance Abuse

Marijuana can have diverse effects on an individual when abused. These effects can be categorized into long-term and short-term. The short term effects include impaired coordination, dependency, pleasure, distorted perceptions and problem-solving difficulties. The long term effects, however, are based majorly on memory, learning and ultimately, addiction!

After few minutes of taking marijuana, the heart rate rapidly increases making the bronchial passages to relax and get enlarged; after that leaving the blood vessels to expand and the eyes begin to turn red. Usually, the human heart rate is about 70 to 60 beats for every minute count; after taking marijuana (mostly when abused), this rate may double up. One major ingredient in marijuana is THC (Delta-9-tetrahydricannabinol) which runs from the lungs into the bloodstream and carries chemical to the body organs including the brain. Immediately THC enters the brain; the user begins to feel euphoric and high due to the chemicals acting upon the brain’s reward system. This reward system is responsible for handling pleasurable things such as sweets, chocolate, and sex. After series of euphoric feelings and increased appetite, the user begins to feel sleepy or depressed. Sometimes, there could be anxiety, distrust, fear or panic as a result of marijuana abuse; ability to make new memories and focus shifting becomes lost as well. All these, therefore, affect the process of learning, driving, participating in athletics and performing complicated tasks.

Like many other drugs, the effects incurred by marijuana substance abuse depend on the concentration (THC in this case). People who suffer from chronic addiction to Marijuana are less motivated and less satisfied with the life they live. They are also subject to abuse other drugs.

If you are reading this, it is likely that you need treatment for marijuana addiction or you have someone you want to help. There are tons of marijuana addiction treatment programs you could use but be careful so as not to pick the wrong ones. Would you like to get yourself back to normal? Perhaps a friend or family member you’d love to help.