Buying your first spinning reel

Thinking to plan a fishing trip with family and friends and want to buy a spinning reel. Though catching fish is not an easy task and you can’t catch each and every type of fish with a normal spinning reel. Don’t get confused this article will act as a guide for you.

Tips on buying a spinning reel:

First of all, figure out where you’re going, one of the most basic steps because freshwater reels are used in lakes and rivers while saltwater reels are for oceans where large water bodies reside.

The three basic styles of reels are:

·  Casting Reel

·  Spinning Reel

·  Fly fishing reel

Try to understand how the above reels work with a varying size of water bodies, read reviews to learn more from others with experience.

Trying to figure out the reels and find the most suitable one:

Baitcasting reels:

Most preferred by professionals for catching the heavy fish, the “River Monster” host Jeremy Wade mostly uses Baitcasting Reel. The speciality of this reel it works with the weight on a hook, i.e. it works by giving pressure on the bait. The handles are located on the right-hand side, which controls the resistance level. It also comes in one-piece design which prevents it from corrosion which can occur by living a long time in saltwater.

Types of Baitcasting Reels:


Used for large fishes


Used for précised cast


Used for fishes while staying on a still boat


Used while taking a Stroll on a boat


Used for shallow fishes this requires to be pulled with great force.

Spinning reels:

If you’re new to fishing than this device is just for you. It is really very simple to use and the handle is located on the left side varying from the Baitcasting Reel. It handles small and large fishes and you need not worry about other things as it offers an anti-reverse mechanism for the same by which helps you to keep your line from spooling off.