Benefits of having a self-cleaning cat litter box

The number one problem when having cats as pets is handling their littering routine; they mess up a lot, not to mention the odor of their dirt. Like any living creature, cats need to remove the waste from their body to remain sound and healthy. Thus, a good place to allow your pet to perform their business can create a friendlier and lovelier pal.

Most house cats litter at least six times a day and some can even reach up to eight. That could mean a lot of dirty work if you have more than one cat and do not have a proper place for your pets to take care of their business. Worst, cleaning their waste could take a lot of your precious time, not to mention the odor that pet owners have to deal with. A self-cleaning cat litter box can answer this concern.

Self Cleaning Litter Boxes – What are they?

Self-cleaning or automatic litter boxes are simple machines designed to contain and clean cats’ waste without human intervention – no manual cleaning required after your pet eliminates his or her waste. A self cleaning¬†litter box is an innovative way to help maintain your cat’s littering routine and preserve cleanliness in your home or apartment.

Designs and Features

For the self-cleaning litter box to effectively perform its function, it must be able to clean the dirt even when nobody is attending. That is the primary purpose of its design in the first place. To do that, automatic litter boxes are equipped with sensors that detect the presence of the pet inside the platform. Within a few minutes after a cat does their business, self-cleaning litter boxes will immediately commence the cleaning process, leaving an undisturbed environment.

Most automatic litter boxes are designed to rake the dirt off the main area where cats do their thing. Removed dirt is then sent to a sealed receptacle in the unit ready for disposal. Once the area is cleaned, it is again ready for another operation.

Several makers of self-cleaning cat boxes have introduced some significant improvements with their products. Aside from typically relying on electric wall current, most boxes are now designed to use AC batteries as an alternative for the residence that has no direct access to a nearby wall outlet.

Automatic Litter Boxes – Benefits

Unlike other types of boxes where extra effort in cleaning is needed, cat owners will never be thinking of the hassle of cleaning anymore. Segregating the dirt from the unit is done automatically by the machine.

These types of litter containers are not just advantageous to pet owners, but to cats too. Many ordinary litter boxes are enclosed, which could sometimes make cats wary and make them too confined. With automated boxes, cats can see their surroundings and will eventually have the feeling that they are eliminating their waste normally.

In addition to all these benefits, with self-cleaning boxes, the sanctity of the surrounding is maintained. Cat owners will never have to smell the odor of their pet’s waste and will never see their cats go crazy when eliminating their dirt. Most boxes are designed to come with an area to install small size air fresheners to help eliminate the odor brought by the waste.

With an auto cleaning litter box, all you have to worry is where to dump the collected waste. Other than that, everything is handled in an innovative, sanitized, and state of the art way.