Benefits Of Getting Highlifter Tires For Your ATV

We all know that “bigs are better”. This is always the same situation, even if the subject is ATV tires. There are some situations where the added clarity is extremely useful. The following are the issues that you should consider before deciding whether to load large off-road vehicles. Benefits of getting highlifter tires for your ATV should be known for more pleasure.


Larger tires have a larger mass. Both problems lead to a small loss of the final torque. Their ability to turn tires in the mud will also decrease. To correct this, you need to install a gearbox and/or clutch set that provides lower torque. The shifter lets the wheels spin faster, before it comes to a close, delivering more power when you need it most. This configuration at highlifter ensures that your ATV works better with mud and always loses its top speed.

Low final acceleration

As indicated above, the greater rotational mass and increase in the teeth will hinder the initial rotation of the wheels. The rotation of the smaller tire reduces its speed for faster acceleration. If you really want to have larger tires, reduce the size of the gears for faster acceleration.

Higher load in the motor cable and suspension

The extra tension accelerates the wear of these components and causes an error much faster than the bearing adjustment. To avoid this, you can mount heavy axles, CV joints, shock absorbers, and other powertrains and suspension components.

High focus

The main goal of placing larger ATV tires on your ATV is to lift it more to make more space. With the raised chassis is also the focus. This will make your ATV unstable when crossing corners. The increased weight and height reduce the radius of rotation. With larger tires, your ability to drive your tracks is often negatively affected.

How to make changes

Depending on your ATV and how big you want to ride your new tires, you may need to make some changes to place a larger tire. However, a small increase in size may not require change.

When the mode is not required

If any gaps in your vehicle increase slightly, you may not need to make any changes, depending on your ATV. In general, ATV manufacturers leave enough room to climb at least one dimension and perhaps two dimensions without the risk of friction in plastics, shocks or exhaust. It can double in two dimensions without modifications, depending on the size of the ATV engine. If your ATV is below SOOcc, it is advisable to only change the size of a tire without making any changes.

Lift Kits

You should start by changing your machine. The first thing to keep in mind is the suspension. A lift kit provides more floor space in addition to the vacuum of larger tires. The size of the lifting kits depends on the size of the tire you want. With a larger machine, the lift kit and add the weight of larger tires support the sky limit.


The ATV rim inserts are not only suitable for larger tires. They are also generally useful for long tires. It makes the friction more precise as the tire rotates larger. The insertion of the wheel may extend from the wheel, shaft and exhaust to provide the proper spacing. The additional height also increases the centre of gravity, which makes it more susceptible to the machine tipping over. When the wheels are wider, the weight of the ATV is distributed more evenly, making it more stable at the corners.