Basics of a teeth restoration service


Dental restorations are procedures that dentists use to either repair or replace parts of the teeth that might be missing or broken. There are various reasons that can make your tooth to be missing including decay, fracture or deterioration of a past restoration amongst others. Food particles that remain stuck in the teeth react with bacterias located in the mouth converting them to acids. Tooth decay always results in the formation of cavities. There are two types of dental restoration services in Newark, namely; indirect and direct restorations.


Preparation Steps involved in Dental restorations

Returning a tooth to its original state and function involves two steps, namely; Preparing the tooth, making it ready for it to be restored and putting the restorative material.


The tooth preparation process may involve cutting of the teeth using a drill or dental burs to create sufficient space where the restorative material will be placed.The tooth is now ready for replacement or filling.

Various types of Dental restorations



These are dental procedures that aim to repair tooth fractures decaying tooth. The materials used in this process can enhance improved chewing or bitting. The material used for filling includes; silver, Gold or plastic materials that are colored.


These are tooth like caps that are put on teeth to return it to its initial size and shape, appearance and strength.They are used to cover dental implants.


These are tooth-like structures that are designed to bridge the opening that is left by missing teeth. They are supported by the crown on both sides and are permanently cemented.

-Dental Implants


In most instances, implants may be the only option to return your teeth to its original state and function. An implant can be used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. Implants are used to reduce irritation of the gum.The only advantage of implants is that no preparation is required for the adjacent teeth.

Implants are used to replace tooth roots. Implants are a little metal post which is placed in the gap of the missing teeth.


These are the removable tooth replacement for those missing teeth and other adjacent tissues. They are produced using Acrylic resins and other metal attachments. They replace your teeth completely or partially,


This is the most used dental procedure performed by dentists today. It can be used to correct teeth problems like staining, reducing unnecessary gaps between the teeth. There are two types of bonding namely adhesive and composite bonding respectively.


How to take good care of your teeth

There are various tips that can help you to improve your oral health greatly as discussed below;

Make sure that you brush your teeth regularly- it always hygienic to brush your teeth after every meal.This will help to reduce the accumulation of acid in your teeth that result in tooth decay.

-Flossing- did you know that flossing can remove small food particles that brushing may not be able to remove? Flossing is an essential requirement to achieve good oral health.

-Avoid tobacco products-if you want to save your tooth from tooth cancer and other complications. This will also save you from tooth discoloration.

-Consume calcium rich nutrients for you to have stronger teeth

There is no doubt that these dental restoration basics will help readers improve their oral health greatly.