5 Problems You Might Face With Your Air Conditioner

Imagine, if it is scorching hot outside and when you expect your air conditioner to give you relief, it does not help too. Don’t we all wish to avoid situations as such? But working with machines is not convenient at all times, and very much like humans, machines require maintenance and upkeep.

To avoid situations of inconvenience with your air conditioner, here are simple counter measures you can take to solve 5 common problems you might face with your air conditioner from air conditioning cypress tx.

1. Uneven air cooling:

This is the most common problem faced by users and is often due to many reasons. Lack of proper insulation means that the floor, ceiling or walls of the room do not trap the cooling inside and instead allow outside heat to penetrate into the room.

Your conditioner may also not be cooling because of a duct or leakage that is allowing cool air to escape. When installing an air conditioner in a room, make sure that the area is sealed and properly insulated with the help of insulation paint on padding.

2. Outdoor unit or fan is not working:

An outdoor unit acts as the exhaust or vent for the indoor heat. Your air conditioner may not be cooling properly because of the inefficient working of an outdoor fan or whole unit.

Stand close to outdoor unit and listen carefully. If you can hear the compressor running successfully, yet the fan isn’t working, then the unit is fine, and you are required to fix the fan motor that has shut down as a result of working under pressure of voltage, higher or lower than what is actually required.

3. Dripping Water:

It is not normal if your indoor AC unit is dripping water. An evaporator coil in air conditioner cools warm air that blows over it, and hence moisture is formed on the coil (like moisture on a cold glass on a hot day).

This water then drops out through the drain line, which is impossible if your drain line is clogged with dirt, rust or is broken. You can seek professional help to repair broken or rusty parts, or carefully use a dry vacuum to suck clogged dirt out of the line.

4. Noise from the units:

Your air conditioner may be making strange noises such as squeaking, rattling or thumping. The squeaking noise can be heard because of fault in belt or motor due to rust or exhaustion, which can generally be fixed with the application of a lubricant.

You must seek a professional’s help immediately if your air conditioner makes thumping noise, as this indicates a major problem with motor or blower assembly. Meanwhile, the rattle can be the cause of an alien particle or debris inside the blower blades or surroundings.

5. Air Conditioning unit shuts on and off repeatedly:

Your air conditioner may be shutting off and on repeatedly because of short cycling, and this is an alarming situation as it can put extra load on electricity and be a cause of big bills.

The reason for this could be wrong placement
of the thermostat, clogged air filter, dirty condenser coils or leaking
Refrigerant. You can also consider the size of the air conditioner as compared to your home/room, as it may take a shorter time for a big unit to cool the surroundings and then shut down.

As a general rule, consider the warranty of your air conditioner as it can save you the repetitive maintenance cost. Once a machine has worked its estimated life, there is not much you can do to keep it working perfectly for long time.