5 Key Benefits of Cloud Services for Businesses

You have probably heard of the Cloud or people sharing things over the Cloud. Well a cloud service is the delivery of data over the internet. This cuts out the need for using CD’s, USB’s etc. However, what are the benefits of cloud services for businesses?

Increased Efficiency

If you think about it, you would be cutting out a lot of wasted time by using the cloud. For example, rather than walking to the bank, you check it online. That is technically using the cloud. Therefore, you are saving time by using the cloud, rather than valuable work time. Don’t export a ton of information on to a USB or multiple disks, just chuck it into the cloud and share the link with whom it needs to go to. Be sure to read up more at http://www.scarlettculture.com/.

Recovery after Disaster

Disasters in businesses can happen out of the blue and when they do, they can have a huge impact. When data is corrupted, or lost in a disaster, it can be a pain recovering it all. However, a lot of businesses are opting in to cloud-based back-ups.

Work from Anywhere

Do you have documents you wish you could access from home? Then you should try using cloud services. For instance, you start working on a document at work and decide to save it to your computer. The only way you can now access that is through your work PC. However, if you make another save of that document in the cloud, then you can access that anywhere. If you are out, you can get it on your phone or tablet, if you are at home, you can access it on your laptop or home PC.


Does your business use Laptops for a lot of the work done? Then security may be a huge issue. If your employees have work laptops that have a lot of work on them, can you afford to lose that laptop? What if that laptop is stolen and there is confidential data? You are pretty stuck in that situation. However, set up a cloud for employees, tell them to save data to the cloud and only the cloud. This way, in the case that the laptop is lost or stolen, all of the data is secure in the cloud.

Save Money

Many businesses have an onsite data centre where all data is saved and backed up. This can cost a lot to run and will most likely increase over time. However, you can reduce the carbon footprint of your business and host via a cloud service. No longer do you need to keep physical copies of everything, simply store it in the cloud.

Overall, there are a ton of benefits of cloud services for businesses. Using the cloud is slowly becoming the normal in many businesses and just having a look into it will make you understand why. It cuts out the need for many things, reduces business cost, saves time and is super easy to use. If you are thinking about setting up the cloud, there are many different services and perks. Therefore, make sure you select the one that suits your business.